Federica Menin, Katrina Burch & Valentina Desideri – Thinking Together Time Capsule (2015)

Article publié le 2 avril 2015
Pour citer cet article : , « Federica Menin, Katrina Burch & Valentina Desideri – Thinking Together Time Capsule (2015)  », Rhuthmos, 2 avril 2015 [en ligne]. https://www.rhuthmos.eu/spip.php?article1513

Solar Eclipse Output

Solar Eclipse

The programmatic ontology of our contemporary technical-information age is marked by a complicity with algorithmic architectures : new models of information processing evolving with the entropically-hiden complexities and open-ended contingencies of material evolution. Algorithms are abstractly-coordinated entities of “soft thought” sui generis. In fusing generative concreteness with abstract modelling – i. e. matter with information – algorithms compose and actualize their own “realities”. Theirs is the new rationality. In the longue durée, these artifacts of virtually prehend possible futures : novel (non-given) temporalities – time capsules – ungovernable by the anthropocentric laws of metaphysics previously presumed naturally given.

Documents. Sounds. Notes, Comments. Images. Laughters. Moods. Thoughts – Emerging from Thinking Together, all recorder data have been gathered and recomposed into Time Capsules which like pills, have been dropped on daily doses. Time capsules are experiments on and beyond signification, through the permeability of inputs, feeback, noise, traces, silence, voices, inner-thoughts and hallucinations. The Time Capsules are generated by an algorithm called Abstracting Redundancies Machine (ARM). They are addressed to potential non-human “listeners”.

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