Louis Andriessen – Hout (1991)

Performed by Bang on the Can

Article publié le 1er mars 2013
Pour citer cet article : , « Louis Andriessen – Hout (1991) , Performed by Bang on the Can », Rhuthmos, 1er mars 2013 [en ligne]. https://www.rhuthmos.eu/spip.php?article837

For : tenor saxophone, marimba, guitar and piano

Performance : Bang on the Can

Composer’s Notes : Hout (Wood) was written for Loos at the request of Dirk Simons. Although the whole work is in principle a strict canon, the successive voices are so close together that it is more like a unison melody with ramifications. Ramifications and branches are the same word in Dutch. This especially refers to the branches of a tree, so the use of wooden instruments - marimba and woodblocks - help explain the title of the work.

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