D. Attridge, Poetic Rhythm : An Introduction

Article publié le 14 juin 2015
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D. Attridge, Poetic Rhythm : An Introduction, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1995, 296 p.

  • This is the first introduction to rhythm and meter that begins where students are : as speakers of English familiar with the rhythms of ordinary spoken language, and of popular verse such as nursery rhymes, song and rap. Poetic Rhythm builds on this knowledge and experience, taking the reader from the most basic questions about the rhythms of spoken English to the elaborate achievements of past and present poets. Terminology is straightforward, the simple system of scansion that is introduced is suitable for both handwriting and computer use, and there are frequent practical exercises. Chapters deal with the elements of verse, English speech rhythms, the major types of metrical poetry, free verse, and the role of sense and syntax. Poetic Rhythm will help readers of poetry experience and enjoy its rhythms in all their power, subtlety and diversity, and will serve as an invaluable tool for those who wish to write or discuss poetry in English at a basic as well as a more advanced level.
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