H. Bensusan, Being Up For Grabs : On Speculative Anarcheology

Article publié le 6 avril 2018
Pour citer cet article : , « H. Bensusan, Being Up For Grabs : On Speculative Anarcheology  », Rhuthmos, 6 avril 2018 [en ligne]. https://www.rhuthmos.eu/spip.php?article2195

H. Bensusan, Being Up For Grabs : On Speculative Anarcheology, London, Open Humanities Press, 2016 – ISBN : 978-1-78542-028-3.

- This is a book on the metaphysics of contingency. It looks at what could be otherwise, at what lacks the weight of necessity, at what is up for grabs. Aristotle maintained that there could be no knowledge of the impermanent. Since then, metaphysics has endeavored to find out what really is permanent, non-accidental and resilient – substances that endure, substrata underneath different qualities, fixed principles, necessary connections. In contrast, Bensusan draws on the growing philosophical attention to the contingent. It explores how we can counter Aristotle and develop a metaphysics of what ain’t necessarily so. The endeavor renegotiates the accepted familiarity between ontology and the search for an arché. Being Up For Grabs explores this in connection to what is up in the air, what is out of the blue and what is up for grabs. It is a metaphysical exercise that dialogues with several philosophical resources. It is also a speculative and anarcheological effort, as it tries to reach a broad and encompassing view of the sensible world while conceiving it as lacking any arché. The book emerges as an exercise in speculative anarcheology.

  • Hilan Bensusan has a PhD from Sussex University and is currently working at the University of Brasilia where he maintains the research group ANARCHAI. He has been researching in metaphysics and its many interaction with politics. He published four books and around thirty papers, recently in journals such as Speculations, O-Zone, The Croatian Journal of Philosophy, Acta Analytica, Epistemologia, Studies in Universal Logic and Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies. He has been a visiting researcher at the universities of Paris 8, Nottingham, Madras, Veracruz and Granada. He has done a number of short films, performances and installations that dialogue with his work in text.
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