Morton Feldman – Samuel Beckett, Words and Music (1987)

Article publié le 22 juin 2018
Pour citer cet article : , « Morton Feldman – Samuel Beckett, Words and Music (1987)  », Rhuthmos, 22 juin 2018 [en ligne].

In 1961 Samuel Beckett wrote Words and Music for BBC radio, a play featuring the two characters “Words” and “Music” (also referred to as Joe and Bob). The work was withdrawn following the première due to Beckett’s dissatisfaction. 20 years later, Beckett suggested that Morton Feldman should compose the music, resulting in the first complete performance in 1987 (the year of Feldman’s death), produced for the American Beckett Festival of Radio Plays. In Feldman’s words : ‘It was a huge amount of fun to do something for Beckett, a sort of tribute to him, i.e. someone who has been part of my life since the ‘50’s … it was to some extent a labour of love, which I happily undertook.’

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